Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company operates with the principle of quality environment and healthy life and is one of the leading companies in the sector in the field of industrial dust and gas filtration equipment.  

What is the working principle of industrial dust and gas filtration systems?

Industrial dust and gas filtration systems improve the air quality of the working environment by removing harmful dust and gas particles generated during production processes. Dust collection and gas collection systems filter unwanted dust and gas particles and ensure that clean air is released into the atmosphere.  

For an efficient dust collection system, many parameters such as average grain size of the dust, amount of dust, humidity, corrosive properties, temperature, flammable and explosive properties of the dust, dust discharge system should be taken into consideration.  

Various filtration systems are available according to the needs of different industry sectors. For example; dust collection systems, portable filter units, electrostatic filters and fume extraction systems. You can contact our expert team to select the right dust collection system for your needs. 

The advantages of filtration systems include protecting employee health, improving air quality, increasing the efficiency of production processes, reducing energy consumption and extending the life of production equipment. 

Filtration systems provide efficiency by reducing energy consumption. By contributing to environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable production processes, it helps businesses reduce energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Filter types used in filtration equipment include cartridge filters, bag filters, HEPA filters and panel filters. These filter types can be used in different sectors; for example, HEPA filters can be preferred for the food and pharmaceutical industry, bag filters and cartridge filters for the metalworking and wood industry. 

Carry out regular inspection and cleaning in accordance with the maintenance periods and procedures specified by the manufacturer. To provide the appropriate air flow rate and pressure to the filtration system. To reduce the load on the filter by taking measures to reduce dust and gas density. Use high quality and durable filter materials. 

Explosion according to NFPA 69: “The destruction or disintegration of an enclosed space or container by the effect of internal pressure resulting from a combustion is the very rapid spread of a high pressure gas into the environment”. 

Mobile filtration systems offer the advantages of portability and flexibility. They are suitable for small businesses, service centres, temporary workplaces and industries that need to adapt to different production processes. 

ATEX certification indicates compliance with European directives that determine the safety of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX certification in filtration systems guarantees that the risks of fire and explosion are minimised and safe working conditions are ensured. 

Choosing a filtration system to suit your needs: It is important that the equipment has the features and capacity to meet the requirements of your business Product quality: The quality and performance of the filtration system you purchase is critical to the efficiency and safety of your business. Certifications and documentation: The presence of certificates and compliance documentation, such as ATEX, shows that the equipment is safe and up to the appropriate standards. Vendor support: Technical support, training and service from the vendor contribute to the successful use and maintenance of the product. Cost and energy efficiency: The total cost and energy consumption of the filtration equipment should be evaluated in terms of your business budget and sustainability goals.  


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