Bagged Jet Pulse Filter

Bagged Jet Pulse Filter

Bagged Jet Pulse Filter

Choose Bag Jet Pulse Filter Unit for clean air and a clean environment!

Bag Jet Pulse Filter Unit is an air filtration system used in industrial environments. This system is designed to remove airborne particles, dust or other pollutants from the environment. These state of the art systems are used in production facilities, manufacturing halls, warehouses and similar industrial environments. In these environments, it eliminates the air pollution caused by the process in the maximum way, protecting the health of employees at the highest level and ensuring the cleaning of equipment.

The bag dedusting technology collects and filters the dust generated during production or during processes such as filling, unloading and decanting using the negative pressure generated by the radial fans and separates it from the clean air. The air flows towards the fan, passes the outer surface of the filters and reaches the fan. While the dusty air flows from the outer surface of the filter into the filter, the dust is held on the filter surface. Only the air cleaned of dust flows through the filter surface and is discharged into the atmosphere.


The dust that has accumulated on the surface of the bag is poured into the cone under the filter body by cleaning itself by blowing compressed air in the opposite direction to the air flow through the pulse valves, the timing of which is set by the timer. From the conical part, it is collected in similar systems such as buckets, big bags or conveyors In this way, clean air is released into the atmosphere and the dust is transported to the desired location. The filters are designed according to the characteristics of the company, the structure of the dust, the density of the dust and the exposure time . The filter bags of the system are made of high quality materials. Thanks to these high-quality filter bags, the company’s maintenance costs are reduced. At the same time, these devices keep your equipment away from dust and extend its service life. In this way, your company saves money.

The Bagged Jet Pulse Filter Unit not only ensures a clean environment with clean air, but also safety and health in the working environment. It is entirely possible to improve the air quality in your company and create an efficient and healthy environment with the environmentally friendly Bagged Jet Pulse Filter Unit!

It is a powerful, efficient and energy-saving option for industrial dust extraction systems. To improve your company’s air quality, protect employee health and increase production efficiency, you can contact our sales team to help you choose the right dust extraction system for your needs.


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Bagged Jet Pulse Filter Description

  • 1,000 – 200,000 m³/h Capacity range
  • Special design for all operating conditions.
  • emissions at the filter outlet.
  • Filter bags made of fabrics suitable for the load and chemical structure of the dust to be retained, the humidity and the temperature of the liquid.
  • Fully automatic operation, PLC control and minimized compressed air consumption thanks to an improved differential pressure cleaning system.
  • Electrolytically galvanized filter bag wires.
  • Device parts made of DKP, ST-37, galvanized steel, stainless

Bagged Jet Pulse Filter Areas of Use

Metal industry: The bag jet pulse filter effectively controls dust formation during processes such as welding, grinding and sandblasting in the metal industry. This protects the health of workers and optimizes production processes. Filtering the dust generated during the surface preparation and processing of metal parts improves product quality and extends the service life of the machines.

Construction industry: In the construction industry, the bag jet pulse filter effectively captures dust generated during processes such as concrete cutting, grinding and sandblasting. This improves the health and safety of workers by creating a clean working environment in the workplace. At the same time, by controlling the dust generated during the processing of construction materials, the impact on the environment is minimized.

Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, the bag jet pulse filter effectively absorbs and removes dust generated during processes such as welding, grinding and machining. This increases the quality standard in the production of car parts and protects the health of employees. In addition, dust and fume control ensures a clean and safe working environment in automotive production facilities.

General manufacturing: In general manufacturing, the bag jet pulse filter effectively filters the dust generated during various production processes. This improves the air quality in general manufacturing facilities and increases employee productivity. Dust control reduces maintenance costs by optimizing machine performance.

Energy industry: In the energy industry, the bag jet pulse filter effectively controls the dust generated during processes such as power generation and fuel processing. This ensures a clean working environment in power plants, optimizes maintenance processes and increases safety in power generation.

Food industry: In the food industry, the Bag Jet Pulse Filter absorbs and filters dust generated during processes such as flour processing, coffee grinding and packaging. This raises hygiene standards in food production, protects the health of employees and improves product quality.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, the bag jet pulse filter is used to control dust formation in chemical production processes. This improves the health and safety of workers in chemical plants, reduces environmental pollution and optimizes production processes.

Textile industry: In the textile industry, the bag jet pulse filter effectively captures dust generated during processes such as yarn production, weaving and dyeing. This ensures clean air quality in textile plants, protects the health of workers and makes production processes efficient.

Electronics industry: Dust extraction systems are used in electronics production to control dust, especially in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. This improves production quality in electronic systems, protects the performance of sensitive devices and prevents dust-related failures.


The use of baghouse dedusting systems in a variety of industries adapts to the specific needs of different sectors thanks to the wide range of applications and adaptable design. These systems offer a wide range of benefits in industrial plants, both to protect the health of workers and to increase the efficiency of production processes.

Bagged Jet Pulse Filter Advantages

  • Workers’ health and safety: Jet Pulse bag filters ensure a healthy working environment in the workplace by effectively filtering dust and particles generated during industrial processes. This prevents workers from being exposed to dust through inhalation and reduces long-term health problems.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact: Extraction systems minimize the environmental impact by helping to reduce dust and particles released into the atmosphere. This supports an environmentally friendly production process and increases environmental sustainability.
  • Production efficiency: Dust and particle control helps to ensure that production processes run more efficiently and without interruption. It prevents dust from damaging machines or products, reduces maintenance processes and minimizes production downtime.
  • High air flow rates:  Baghouse dust collection systems have high air flow capacities and therefore provide effective dust control even in large industrial facilities. It is very important to comply with environmental and health standards while increasing your company’s production capacity by choosing the right dust collector.
  • Durable and long-lasting filter bags:  The filter bags used in bag jet pulse filters are made from high-quality and durable materials. This ensures that the filter bags can be used for a long time and lower maintenance costs.
  • Extending the service life of the equipment: Preventing dust damage to machines extends the service life of the equipment. A clean working environment leads to less machine wear and lower maintenance costs.
  • Product quality: Bag dedusting systems prevent the dust generated in production processes from contaminating the products. This improves product quality and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible design:  Jet Pulse bag filters have a customizable structure that meets the needs of your business. In this way, they offer specially developed filtration solutions for different industries and applications.
  • Jet Pulse Cleaning System:  Regularly cleans the filter bags in dust collection systems with high-speed air pulses. This extends the service life of the filter bags and reduces your company’s energy consumption.
  • Regulatory compliance: Baghouse dust collectors comply with various industry regulations and emission standards. This increases companies’ compliance with local and national environmental regulations and ensures full compliance with legal requirements.

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