Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg

Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg

Some of the dusts used in industrial processes are explosive. In the collection and filtering of such explosive dusts, specially designed Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filters are used in accordance with 94/9/EC ATEX directives.

Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg

Cartridge Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter is a special filter system used to control dust and particles in areas with explosive atmospheres in industrial environments. These filter systems are used in industrial plants, petrochemical plants, power generation plants and similar areas, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Some of the dusts used in industrial processes (aluminum, magnesium, sugar, corn starch, coal, charcoal, polypropylene, polyethylene, lactose, sulfur, etc.) are explosive. To collect and filter such explosive dusts, explosion-proof jet pulse filters are used, which have been specially developed in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

According to NFBA 68, explosive dusts are combustible solid particles, regardless of their size or shape, suspended in air or in an oxidizing medium that present a risk of flame or explosion.

Ultra-Web captures dust invisible to the eye

Only Ultra-Web effectively captures low micron dust particles. Cellulose and 80/20 blended filter media are not sufficient to capture low micron dust particles. Regular cellulose and 80/20 filter media will capture dust particles 1-3 microns in size, and some 80/20 filter media from other manufacturers can capture larger dust particles 3-10 microns in size.

Ultra-Web filters last up to 2 times longer. Pressure drop is high and increases rapidly with filters made from deep-loaded materials such as pure cellulose or cellulose/synthetic (80/20) filter media blends. Ultra-Web nanofiber technology offers exceptional surface loading capacity and excellent dust separation properties due to its fiber structure with nano-fine voids.

Cartridge jet pulse filters are a powerful, efficient and energy-saving option for industrial dust collectors. Contact our sales team so we can select the right dust collection system for your business to improve air quality, protect employee health and increase production efficiency.


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Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg Description

  • 25,000-60,000 m³/h capacity range,
  • Environmental emission values at the filter outlet,
  • Antistatic filter,
  • Blasting caps,
  • Exproof impulse system,
  • Antistatic painted case
  • D (dust) certified fan
  • D (dust) certified electric motor,
  • All equipment is earthed.

Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg Areas of Use

Petrochemical and Refinery:
It is used for dust control in processes such as distillation, cracking, reforming in petroleum refineries and in environments with explosive gases and vapours.

Chemical Industry:
Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filters are used in chemical synthesis, mixing and reaction processes in chemical production plants and in areas with explosive atmospheres.

Oil and Gas Industry:
Used in gas and oil production facilities, drilling, production and processing processes, explosive environments to provide dust control.

Pharmaceutical Industry:
Dust control can be achieved by using in processes such as tablet pressing, mixing and drying in pharmaceutical production facilities in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres.

Metal Processing and Mining:
Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filters can be effectively used in processes such as stone crushing, grinding, metal melting in mining facilities and in environments with explosive dust.

Waste Recovery Facilities:
It is used in waste recovery facilities, recycling processes, dust collection processes in explosive environments.

Energy Production:
It can be used for dust control in energy production facilities such as power plants, biomass energy facilities and in areas with explosive atmospheres.

Plant Maintenance and Repair:
In plant maintenance and repair operations where explosive atmospheres may occur, dust collection can be carried out safely by using Ex-Proof filters.

Ex-CM – Ex-Proof Jet Pulse Filter with Cartridg Advantages

Safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres:
Ex-Proof jet pulse filters are designed for safe dust separation in the presence of explosive gases or vapours. The Ex-Proof version fulfils the special protection and sealing standards required for safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. This enables use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Cartridge filter design:
This filter system contains cartridge filter elements. Cartridges are filter elements that are usually made of special materials and trap dust particles.

Jet pulse cleaning system:
The system includes a jet pulse cleaning system that removes accumulated dust from the cartridges. This system cleans the filters by spraying high-pressure air, which extends the service life of the filters and improves their performance.

ATEX certification:
This type of filter system is usually developed and certified in accordance with the ATEX directive (ATmosphères EXplosibles). ATEX sets standards for the safe use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union.

Effective dust control:
Filters effectively control the dust generated in industrial processes and prevent the spread of environmentally harmful particles. This is important for workers’ health and environmental protection.

Easy assembly and installation:
Ex-Proof Jet Pulse filters can be installed quickly thanks to their simple mounting features. This saves time and labour for companies.

Easy connection to fan or fanless systems:
The filters can be easily connected to both fan and fanless systems. This allows for flexible use depending on the needs of the installation and system configuration.

Fast cleaning and maintenance:
Jet Pulse technology allows for quick cleaning of the filters. This minimises maintenance processes and helps the filters to work efficiently.

Use in various industrial sectors:
The filter system can be used in various industrial sectors such as petrochemical, chemical, metal processing and power generation. This shows its suitability for various applications in different sectors.

Environmentally friendly solution:
The effective filtration of dust provides an environmentally friendly solution. This improves air quality and reduces pollution.

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