Bottom Suction Grinding Table

Bottom Suction Grinding Table

Welding and grinding table has a fan with a capacity of 2.000 m3/h. It is produced in different filter variations with 2 and 3 stages. By opening the side covers of the product, a wider working area can be obtained, which provides a more comfortable working environment for the operators.

Bottom Suction Grinding Table

The problem of dust and gas in industrial production processes is an important issue for occupational safety and environmental standards. The grinding and welding table, which we offer as ExPulse, offers an effective solution for intensive dust environments thanks to its special design.

Dust and vapours are effectively sucked into the table by the extraction system under the table.

This product has been specially developed for dust- and smoke-generating environments such as non-intensive grinding, welding, deburring and weighing.

Opening the side covers of the product creates a wider working area, providing the operator with a more comfortable working environment. Optional lighting and power sockets offer specialised solutions to meet the needs of users.

Designed with health and safety and environmental considerations in mind, our blade grinding and welding table offers an environmentally friendly solution with the ability to capture and collect dust at source. It is the ideal choice for organisations looking to improve workplace safety and environmental performance.

This product, which is manufactured and painted in an oven, guarantees durability and a long service life. The ExPulse blade grinding and welding table will help you to improve your industrial processes by providing solutions that focus on sustainability and efficiency.


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Bottom Suction Grinding Table Description

Special design: Our grinding and welding table with floor extraction is specially designed for dust-intensive environments such as grinding, welding, deburring and weighing.

Suction : There is a fan with a capacity of 2,000 m3/h.

Filters: Metal, G4, activated carbon, F7 filter variants are manufactured with 2 and 3-stage filter options.

Wide working area: A larger working area can be achieved by opening the side covers. It provides a more comfortable working environment for the operator.

Optional features: The addition of lighting and sockets is optional. It offers the possibility to provide special solutions for the user’s needs.

OHS and environmentally friendly: It provides a solution in compliance with OHS and environmental standards with its ability to capture and collect dust at source. Optimises environmental performance while increasing workplace safety.

Material:  The product is made of St-37 material. The oven-lacquered surface ensures long-lasting use.

Sustainability and efficiency: The blade grinding and welding table from ExPulse helps you to improve industrial processes by offering solutions that focus on sustainability and efficiency.

Bottom Suction Grinding Table Areas of Use

Metalworking and metallurgy: The Expulse standard grinding table is widely used in the metalworking and metallurgy sector. In this sector, it ensures that the intense dust and fumes generated during various metalworking processes are effectively controlled. Tables used in processes such as welding, grinding and deburring protect the respiratory health of employees and increase safety in the workplace. At the same time, they create a sustainable production environment by protecting the environment.

Construction industry: The standard grinding tables from Expulse are used in the construction industry, particularly for grinding and cutting work on concrete. By absorbing dust and vapours, these tables protect the respiratory health of construction site workers and keep the environment clean. This is an important contribution to sustainable and safe construction projects.

Automotive and transport industry: In the automotive and transport industry, the Expulse standard grinding table offers an effective solution for applications such as the production of metal parts, welding processes and polishing. Dust and fume control contributes to the longevity of both employees and production equipment. These tables improve the performance of equipment in the industry by meeting health and safety standards in the workplace.

Electronics and technology industry: The standard sanding table from Expulse is used in the electronics and technology industry for dust control, especially for precision work. The control of dust and particles generated during electronics production and the manufacture of printed circuit boards improves product quality and optimises work processes.

Energy and power sector: In power generation plants, especially in welding processes, the Expulse standard grinding table contributes to effective control of dust and vapours. This protects the health and safety of workers in the energy and power generation sector while minimising the environmental impact.

Food and beverage industry: Expulse’s standard grinding tables can be used in a variety of applications in the food and beverage industry. These tables help to control dust and particles, especially when processing materials such as spices and flour. When used in food production facilities, they improve product quality and maintain hygiene standards.

Wood and furniture industry: The standard sanding tables from Expulse are used in the wood and furniture industry and enable effective control of dust and vapours. In processes such as cutting, milling and polishing with woodworking machines, these tables protect the health of workers’ respiratory tracts and extend the service life of production equipment.

Textile industry: In the textile industry, Expulse’s standard grinding tables are used to control dust and fibre particles generated during the production and processing of fabrics. These tables protect the respiratory health of workers in textile factories and increase the productivity of production processes.

Paper and packaging industry: In the paper and packaging industry, Expulse’s standard sanding tables provide an effective solution for controlling dust and particles generated during cutting, bending and punching operations with paper converting machines. These tables protect the health of workers in this industry and keep production facilities clean.

Expulse’s standard grinding table offers a wide range of solutions to improve health, safety and environmental performance in the workplace, which can be customised for different applications in different industries.

Bottom Suction Grinding Table Advantages

Effective dust and fume control: Thanks to the floor extraction system and various filter options, the standard sanding table ensures that the dust and fumes produced are effectively extracted and filtered. This ensures clean air quality in the workplace and protects the health of employees.

Large working area: A large working area can be created by opening the side covers. This provides operators with a more comfortable working environment and allows them to carry out various tasks more efficiently.

Optional features: Optional features such as lighting and sockets offer solutions that meet the needs of the user. This makes the table more flexible and customisable.

Health protection and environmental friendliness: The ability to capture and collect dust at source provides a solution that complies with occupational health and safety (OHS) standards. It also optimises environmental performance and supports a production process that complies with the principle of sustainability.

Material and durability: The manufacture from St-37 material and the stove-enamelled surface guarantee a long service life for the product. This increases the durability of the machine.

Sustainability and efficiency: Improves industrial processes by providing sustainable and efficiency-orientated solutions. Increases productivity in the workplace through a clean working environment.

These advantages contribute to the standard grinding table providing a safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly working environment in the workplace.

Bottom Suction Grinding Table Technical Specifications

Feature/model Grinding of welding tables  S Grinding of welding tables  M
Measure 1,080x700x1,700mm 1,300x700x1,700mm
Table height 850mm 850mm
Recommended flow rate 2,000 – 4,000 m3/h 3,000 – 5,000 m3/h
Suction Old Old
Fan Except Except
Lighting Ops. Ops.
Socket Ops. Ops.
Stock Code 501150 501160

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