Dumo Mobile Filter Unit

Dumo Mobile Filter Unit

DUMO maximises air quality thanks to its special cartridge filter with a surface area of 20m². Thanks to its high suction power, it can easily capture your welding fumes and non-dense dust.

Dumo Mobile Filter Unit

Make your working environment healthier, cleaner and more efficient with the mobile filter unit from Dumo!

The mobile filter unit from Dumo filters welding fumes immediately and safely with its outstanding performance features. Thanks to its special cartridge filter with a surface area of 20 m², it maximises the air quality in the working environment. With its high suction power technology, it effortlessly draws in welding fumes and medium-density dust. With its metal anti-spark filter, it makes the working environment safer by safely retaining sparks and burrs.

The mobile and rollable structure of the Dumo Mobile Filter offers flexible mobility. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily transported to where it is needed at any time. At the same time, you can also save labour thanks to its design, which requires no installation. The Dumo Mobile filter only needs to be operated by plugging it in.

The acrobatic arms, designed in line with Dumo, are articulated internally or externally. The 360 degree rotating acrobatic arms are manufactured with different length options such as 2, 3 and 4 metres. The length options of the acrobatic arms offer employees a flexible range of use and a comfortable experience.

The Dumo Mobil filter system is characterised by its outstanding technical features and environmentally friendly design. With Dumo Mobil you not only improve your working environment, but also nature. Choose Dumo Mobile Filter Unit to protect nature and create an efficient and healthy working environment at the same time!

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Dumo Mobile Filter Unit Description

High suction power:

With a high suction capacity of over 1300 m³, Dumo effectively extracts vapours and particles in industrial environments.

Acrobat Arms:

The Acrobat arms are manufactured with an internal or external joint. Thanks to its 360-degree swivel function, it offers great flexibility of use. It is manufactured in different length options such as 2, 3 and 4 metres, increasing its usefulness in different business environments.

Cartridge filter with large surface area:

It filters the smallest dust particles (even under 1 micron) to the maximum with cartridge filter technology. With its 20 m² surface area, it maximises air quality.

Metal spark protection filter:

The special metal spark protection filter, which can safely retain sparks and hot burrs, ensures a safe working environment.

Control panel:

The control panel makes it easy to set the fan direction, alarm monitoring and automatic filter cleaning time. At the same time, the fan speed can be optionally changed.

Filter cleaning warning:

Based on the differential pressure principle, it enables the filter performance to be monitored.

Movable structure:

Thanks to Dumo’s rollable structure, it can be easily transported wherever it is needed.

Simple installation:

Dumo is ready for use without any installation. Simply plug it in to put it into operation.

Dumo Mobile Filter Unit Areas of Use

Defence industry: In the defence industry, mobile dust extraction systems control hazardous particles such as metal dust, welding particles and dust in vehicle/aircraft production. They also protect product quality in sensitive electronics production and provide protection against specific chemical/biological threats. It improves product quality by providing a clean production environment and offers a solution that is compatible with specialised applications.

Ferrous steel: Dumo’s mobile dust extraction systems ensure a clean working environment in the workplace by effectively controlling harmful dusts generated during production processes such as metalworking, casting, rolling and welding. These systems minimise air pollution, especially from metal dust, and thus protect the health of workers. They also improve the performance of production facilities, reduce maintenance costs and optimise the quality of production lines.

Foundry industry: The mobile dust extraction systems from Expulse effectively capture particles generated during the foundry phases such as melting, moulding and cooling, thereby protecting the health of workers. In addition, the ExPulse dedusting systems improve the air quality in foundries and minimise harmful emissions into the environment. This supports a sustainable and environmentally friendly production approach while increasing operational efficiency.

Metal processing: Activities such as welding, grinding, milling, etc. generate metal dust and waste. The dispersion of this waste and dust in the air can pose a risk to the health of employees and the performance of equipment. Mobile dust extraction systems quickly capture this type of waste and improve air quality in the workplace.

Automotive sector: Production facilities in the automotive industry generate dust and waste during processes such as painting, welding and parts machining. The spread of substances such as paint spray and metalworking waste in the air can impair production quality. Mobile dust extraction systems ensure a clean environment in the workplace by quickly absorbing this waste. At the same time, ExPulse dust extraction systems optimise production lines by improving the performance of equipment used in the automotive industry.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Ensures a clean and safe working environment in the workplace by effectively controlling dust generation in sensitive production processes. These systems successfully capture harmful particles generated in reactors, mixing processes, granulation and drying stages. At the same time, they minimise the impact on the environment by reducing emissions of toxic or volatile substances used in chemical production plants. ExPulse dedusting systems increase operational efficiency, optimise production quality and contribute to a sustainable production process in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Engineering production: They ensure a clean and safe working environment in workplaces by effectively controlling harmful dusts generated in many stages of machine production such as metalworking, milling, turning, welding and surface treatment. These systems can also be used in cleaner production areas such as the manufacture of precision electronic components and improve product quality by keeping production lines free of dust and particulates. ExPulse dust extraction systems optimise the performance of equipment used in mechanical production lines, reduce maintenance costs and protect the health of employees.

Food and beverage industry: ExPulse industrial dedusting systems can be used effectively in various critical processes in the food and beverage industry. Especially in the processing of flour and other dusty materials, the particles generated during processes such as mixing, grinding, packaging and dosing are successfully controlled. This ensures a clean working environment in the production facilities and maintains the hygiene standards of the products. ExPulse dedusting systems control dust from specific substances used in the food and beverage industry while maximising employee health and safety and air quality, increasing production line efficiency and optimising product quality.

Energy industry: Effective control of harmful dusts in thermal power plants, coal processing plants and power generation processes to ensure a clean and safe working environment in the workplace. These systems also optimise the maintenance of filters used in power plants and increase efficiency. They also successfully control dust and particles generated during the production of energy from renewable energy sources, particularly in the manufacture of solar cells or wind turbines. ExPulse dedusting systems increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and support environmental sustainability in the energy industry.
Plastics industry: They ensure a clean production environment by successfully controlling the dust generated during plastics production, particularly in phases such as extrusion, injection moulding, pelletising and packaging. These systems effectively capture harmful particles generated during the processing of plastics and protect the health of employees.
Wood processing: Wood dust and shavings are produced in wood processing companies during processes such as cutting, carving and milling wood. Inhaling these dusts can lead to serious health problems. Expulsion dedusting systems are used to collect waste and protect workers’ respiratory tracts.
Mining: ExPulse industrial dust collection systems can play an important role in the mining industry. They ensure a clean and safe working environment in workplaces by effectively controlling harmful dusts generated during processes such as mining, transport, grinding and screening. These systems prevent dust in mines from affecting workers’ breathing and improve air quality.
Glass production industry: They ensure a clean production environment by successfully controlling harmful dusts generated in glass production processes, especially in phases such as melting, moulding, cutting and transport. These systems prevent dust in glass factories from harming employees through respiration and improve product quality. In the glass industry, these systems increase cleanliness and safety standards in the workplace, ensure healthy working conditions and contribute to an environmentally friendly production process.
Electronics: The industrial dust extraction systems from ExPulse have a wide range of applications in the electrical and electronics industry. They ensure a clean and controlled working environment in workplaces by effectively controlling harmful dusts generated in sensitive processes such as circuit production, electronic component assembly, soldering processes and PCB production. These systems prevent dust from damaging electronic components in electronic production facilities, improve product quality and protect the health of employees.
Textile industry: ExPulse industrial dust extraction systems can be used effectively in various key processes in the textile industry. They ensure a clean and safe working environment in workplaces by successfully controlling dust generated in stages such as yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing and finishing. These systems prevent dust in textile factories from affecting workers’ breathing, improving air quality and enhancing product quality. They also optimise the performance of production equipment used in the textile industry, reduce maintenance costs and ensure efficient management of production lines.




Dumo Mobile Filter Unit Advantages

Dumo- Mobile dust collectors, especially with their portable structure, can be used in many sectors and industries and bring various advantages. Here are the advantages of mobile dust collectors:

  • Flexible use: Dumo-Mobile dust extraction systems can be easily transported to different work areas thanks to their portable structure and can be quickly integrated into various applications.
  • 360-degree rotating acrobat arms: The 360-degree rotation of the acrobat arms increases the flexibility of the systems and allows them to be adapted to demanding operating conditions.
  • Fast installation and operational readiness: Mobile dust extraction systems can be installed quickly using the plug-and-play principle, which increases the continuity of company operations.
  • Portability and mobility: Thanks to the mobile structure, it is possible to transport and deploy these systems quickly to the required locations in different regions.
  • Suitable for various industries and applications: Dumo mobile dust extractors can be used for various processes in metalworking, construction, the automotive industry, the textile industry, the food industry, the energy industry and many other industries and offer a wide range of possible applications.
  • Environmentally friendly production:
  • Workplace safety and employee health: Controlling dust reduces the risk of explosions and fires in the workplace and protects the respiratory health of employees.
  • Improving air quality: Dust extraction improves the working environment by improving the air quality in the workplace.
  • Energy and cost savings: The energy-efficient operating characteristics of mobile systems reduce operating costs and offer long-term cost benefits.
  • Productivity and efficiency: A clean working environment enables employees to work more comfortably and effectively, which increases productivity.


With these advantages, mobile dust extraction systems help industrial companies to achieve important goals such as cleanliness, safety and environmental compatibility.

Dumo Mobile Filter Unit Technical Specifications

Description of the Dumo – Mobile welding fume filter
Area of application Smoke – Gas
Debi 1,300 m3/h
Portability Structure on wheels
Pre-filter Metal spark arrester
Filter material Cartridge filter
Number of filters 1
Filter area 20,3 m2
Filter contamination warning Differential pressure
Filter cleaning Manuel
Fan type Centrifugal fan
Fan efficiency IE2
Acrobat arm DM series, SIM series
Acrobat arm function Articulated on the outside, articulated on the inside
Diameter of the Acrobat arm 160mm
Acrobat Arm Size 2-3-4 metres
Fan performance 1.5 kW
Rated current 3,3A
Supply voltage 380VAC
Control voltage 24 VDC
Noise level 72 dB (1 metre)
Dimensions 650x1250x805mm
Certificate CE
Furnishings Ready for work
Size of the supply cable 5 m
Hepa filter Ops.
Activated carbon filter Ops.

Dumo Mobile Filter Unit Variants

Stock Code Description of the Acrobat Arm Model
211013 Acrobat sleeveless
211516020 Outer articulated 2-metre acrobat sleeves DM-160-2
211516030 Externally articulated 3-metre acrobat sleeves DM-160-3
211516040 Outer articulated 4-metre acrobat sleeves DM-160-4
211616020 Internally connected 2-metre acrobat sleeves SIM-160-2
211616030 Internally connected 3 metre acrobat sleeves SIM-160-3
211616040 Internally connected 4-metre acrobat sleeves SIM-160-4


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