EM-Suction Hose Reel

EM-Suction Hose Reel

EM-Suction Hose Reel

Suction hose reels are designed for the organised storage and transport of suction hoses in industrial plants and workplaces.

Extraction hoses are flexible pipe systems that are widely used in industrial plants, workshops and similar workplaces. These hoses are integrated into industrial dedusting systems in particular to effectively collect and transport dust, smoke, gases and other air particles.

It is often used to absorb dust and particles generated in industrial production processes to improve air quality in the workplace and protect the health of employees. It is also the preferred choice for controlling vapours and gases generated during welding processes, metal cutting and similar applications.

Extraction hoses can be used to absorb harmful gases, vapours or chemicals produced during chemical or industrial processes. They are also used in general cleaning to clean floors, machines or equipment in workplaces and to suck up dust.

These hoses are used in a variety of applications, e.g. to control and direct the air flow in industrial systems, to convey or transport materials, to extract particles generated during welding or grinding processes. They also play an important role in cleaning the atmosphere and improving the working environment.

Extraction hoses are often utilised more effectively when integrated into industrial dust extraction systems. These systems, in conjunction with filtration and cleaning processes, ensure that dust and fine particles are absorbed and rendered harmless, which has a positive impact on the environment and the health of workers.


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EM-Suction Hose Reel Description

  • Easy to install,
  • Fan suction system,
  • Easy connection to a fanless central system,
  • Quick and easy installation reduces costs
  • Compact, modern design
  • The suction hose reel makes it easy to collect dust and smoke at the source.

EM-Suction Hose Reel Areas of Use

Manufacturing and production sector:

It is used to clean dust, fumes and particles generated in manufacturing and production processes such as metalworking, woodworking and plastics production.

Construction sector:

It is used to absorb dust and particles generated on construction sites, particularly during processes such as concrete cutting, grinding or drilling.

Automotive sector:

In the automotive industry, it can be used to absorb harmful substances generated during welding, grinding and painting.

Metallurgy and foundry sector:

It is used to control dust and fumes in metallurgical plants, metal foundries and similar operations.

Power generation:

It is used in power stations, particularly for cleaning particles generated during the processing of coal or other fuels and in power generation.

Food and beverage industry:

It can be used in food production facilities to absorb dust and substances generated during flour processing, packaging or other processes.

Chemical industry:

Suction hose reels are used to absorb harmful gases and vapours generated by processes involving chemical substances.

Waste management and recycling:

It is used in waste management facilities to absorb dust generated during waste treatment and recycling processes.

Transport and Logistics:

It can be used in warehouses and logistics centres to control dust generated during material handling or product packaging.

In addition to these areas and sectors, suction hose reels can be used in any working environment where general cleanliness and air quality are important. This equipment has a wide range of applications to meet hygiene and safety standards in the workplace.

EM-Suction Hose Reel Advantages

Organisation and cleanliness:
Hose reels keep the workplace tidy by winding up suction hoses in an orderly fashion. This helps to maintain cleanliness and tidiness.

Fast and efficient handling:
Wheeled models allow hoses to be moved quickly and efficiently to the desired location, which can speed up work processes.

Occupational safety:
The removal of dust, smoke or harmful gases from the environment through extraction increases the health and safety of workers.

Long service life and durability:
They are made from durable materials designed for industrial environments, resulting in a long service life and reliability.

Hose protection:
Hose reels prevent damage to suction hoses and extend their service life by regularly retracting them.

Quick removal and storage:
Models with an automatic retraction function allow the user to quickly remove and store hoses.

Flexible use:
They are available in various models and sizes to accommodate hoses of different lengths, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Environmentally friendly:
When integrated into industrial dust collection systems, they provide environmentally friendly dust control with filtration and cleaning processes.

Speed and efficiency in business processes:
Fast and efficient use can increase efficiency in business processes and optimise production workflows.

Use in various sectors:
Suction hose reels are suitable for various industrial applications and offer a wide range of possible uses in different sectors.

EM-Suction Hose Reel Technical Specifications

Model River(m3/h) Pressure loss (Pa) Diameter (mm) Hose length (m) Area of application
EM-52-7 150 800 52 7 Dust – Smoke
EM-52-10 150 800 52 10 Dust – Smoke
EM-63-7 225 700 63 7 Dust – Smoke
EM-63-10 225 700 63 10 Dust – Smoke
EM-76-5 325 670 76 5 Dust – Smoke
EM-76-7 325 670 76 7 Dust – Smoke
EM-76-10 325 670 76 10 Dust – Smoke
EM-100-5 550 630 100 5 Dust – Smoke
EM-100-7 550 630 100 7 Dust – Smoke
EM-100-10 550 630 100 10 Dust – Smoke
EM-125-5 880 500 125 5 Dust – Smoke

EM-Suction Hose Reel Variants

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