Cyclone Pre Filte

Cyclone Pre Filte

Cyclone type dust collection systems are generally used as pre-filters before cartridge or bag jet pulse filters to reduce the dust load on the main dust collection system.

Cyclone Pre Filte

The term cyclone pre-filter refers to a pre-filtration stage used in industrial dust extraction systems. This pre-filtration stage is usually integrated into cyclones or other main filter systems and is used to remove large particles from the air stream. A cyclone is a separation device used in industrial dust extraction systems. It produces clean air by physically separating dust particles using the airflow. Cyclones, which are usually in the shape of a cone, utilise centrifugal force to rotate dust particles that are drawn into the airflow. This force causes the particles to bounce against the walls of the cone, causing them to move downwards according to their weight.

Cyclone dust separation systems are often used as pre-filters before cartridge or bag filters to reduce the dust load on the main dust extraction system. Coarse dust (over 10-20 microns) is retained in the cyclone, which extends the service life of the final filter and can significantly reduce compressed air consumption.

Due to the conical design, the centrifugal force acting on the air flow and the reduction in air velocity in the cyclone, large particles are separated and collected under the cyclone with the help of gravity. The fine particles and the cleaned air are channelled through the cyclone into the main dust collection system.  As there are no moving or electrical parts, no maintenance is required.

It is also frequently used for sparks, hot burrs or high-temperature dust-air mixtures. The spark arrester for sparks and burrs acts as a pre-filter and provides protection against fire risks in the dust extraction system.

The selection of the most suitable filter system for a particular application should be based on the needs of the installation and the dust characteristics. Contact us for the right system selection!


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Cyclone Pre Filte Description

Inlet area:
The cyclone pre-filter has an inlet area that allows contaminated air and particles to enter it.

Filtration stage:
After the inlet area, the airflow is directed to the filter. The cyclone pre-filter usually has design features that ensure the separation of large particles.

Large particles in the airflow are captured and separated by specially designed sections or filter materials in the cyclone prefilter.

Clean air outlet:
The air cleaned of large particles by the cyclone pre-filter is channelled through the clean air outlet to the main filter system.

A cyclone is a separation and filtration device used in industrial dust extraction systems. Cyclones are specifically designed to separate large particles and dust from the air stream. These devices are often used in air purification systems, industrial processes, power generation plants and various industrial applications.


Cyclone Pre Filte Areas of Use

Metalworking industry:
It is used where large metal dusts and particles produced during metalworking processes such as welding, grinding and cutting are important.

Wood processing industry:
It is effective in the separation of large particles such as wood dust and particles in wood processing plants.

Food production and processing:
It can be used in food production and processing equipment such as flour, sugar, spices for the separation of large particles from products.

In the mining industry, it can be used to separate large particles from the conveyed material.

Construction and building material production:
It can be used for the separation of large particles in production plants such as building materials, bricks, concrete.

Power plants:
In power plants that run on coal, wood or other fuels, it can be used to separate large particles from combustion processes.

Chemical and petrochemical industry:
It can be used for cleaning large particles generated in chemical processes.

Textile and clothing industry:
It can be used in fabric production and textile processing plants to separate large fibres and particles from fabrics.

These areas are typical industrial sectors in which cyclone prefilters are used. However, as the specific requirements and dust characteristics of each plant are different, the filter systems are usually designed specifically for the needs of the plant.

Cyclone Pre Filte Advantages

Separation of large particles: Cyclone pre-filters are effective at separating large particles from the airflow. This allows the main filter system to concentrate on finer particles and often extends the service life of the main filter.

Low maintenance effort:

Main filter protection:

Airflow and system efficiency: Cyclone prefilters can improve the overall efficiency of the system by regulating the airflow and separating large particles. This contributes to more effective operation of dust extraction systems.

Easy installation and integration: Cyclone pre-filters, which are usually modular in design, can be easily integrated into industrial systems and can be adapted to different configurations.

Wide range of applications: Cyclone pre-filters can be used in various applications in many industries. They can work effectively in many areas such as metalworking, wood processing, food production, construction and mining.

Durability: Cyclone pre-filters, which are usually made of durable materials, are robust in industrial environments and can have a long service life.

Environmentally friendly:


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